Tuesday, May 8, 2018

BLOG STOP! If You Want To Fall Asleep

We are thrilled to celebrate the release of IF YOU WANT TO FALL ASLEEP by friend of the cottage Jackie Azúa Kramer! And guess who's back? NINA from MAMABELLY LUNCHES WITH LOVE! Scroll down to the link below to view Nina's special Literary Lunch for Little Mouse.

by Jackie Azúa Kramer
illustrated by Lisa Brandenburg

What it's all about...
It's bedtime and Little Mouse isn't sleepy. Mama makes suggestion after suggestion of helpful things Little Mouse can do to fall asleep—but nothing is working.

Why we love it...
It's a classic, clever, imaginative, cumulative tale, perfect for reading sweet little mice to sleep.

Some of our favorite lines...
If you want to fall asleep
and you're staring at the ceiling. . .
Count stars in the sky.
Not one or two or three,
but each star, near and far.
And when you float among the stars,
remember wishes:
birthday wishes, secret wishes,
dream wishes.

And wait for dozing.

A few of our fave illustrations...

All images (c) Lisa Brandenburg 2018

What's the kid-appeal?
Kids will relate to Little Mouse's dilemma, enjoy all of Mama's imaginative solutions, and pore over the oh-so-darling illustrations in this book.

What's the grownup appeal?
Every parent has heard the words, "but I'm not sleepy," from their kiddos at bedtime. This lyrical bedtime book is a classic way to calm down, giggle, snuggle, and invite kids to let their imaginations carry them off to sweet slumber.

Where to find/ buy If You Want to Fall Asleep
Indie Booksellers
Barnes & Noble
Or at a school or library near you!

Many lives ago Jackie Azúa Kramer was an actor, singer and school counselor. Now Jackie wiles away her time writing children's picture books. What ties these all together and remains a constant are her dreams and imagination. Jackie's picture books, THE GREEN UMBRELLA (NorthSouth Books) illustrated by Maral Sassouni chosen by CBC Bank Street College - 'Best Children's Books of the Year' and 2017 Parents' Choice Award Silver Medal. Coming soon: THE BOY AND THE EIGHT HUNDRED POUND GORILLA (Candlewick 2020), THAT'S FOR BABIES (Clavis, TBD) and MILES WON'T SMILE (Clavis, TBD). She loves to read all kinds of books. But she has a sweet spot for stories that remind her that there’s a big world to go and explore. Jackie hopes one day her books will make someone feel that way, too. Learn more at http://www.jackieazuakramer.com.

Lisa Brandenburg is a Dutch illustrator who graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts, Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2000. Lisa has a wide range of artistic interests and she seizes the chances and challenges that come along with a new project. She generally uses a mix of techniques and plays with colors and composition. Her work can be slightly melancholic, is both child- & adult-friendly and has a touch of humor. She lives with her husband, son and daughter in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. Learn more at http://www.lisabrandenburg.nl/



  1. I love this cover--so adorable. I'm excited that I will get to meet her at the Chesapeake Children's book festival later this month!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Maria! Have fun at the festival!