Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Little Crooked Cottage Bookshelf on #ReviewsDay

by Suzy Lee

(This week's #ReviewsDay pick is from cottager Jamie Michalak.)

What it's all about...

It starts with a line -- a tip of a pencil and a blade of a skate. At first, this seems to be a simple wordless picture book about an ice skater. But then the real and imagined blur to create magic!

Why I love it...

The art! Whoa. Exquisite. You'll wonder if the pages are made of ice.

Sample illustration...

From LINES. Illustration copyright 2017 by Suzy Lee. Published by Chronicle Books.

What's the kid-appeal?

They'll gasp at the surprising turn the story takes when the skater falls, and -- well, I don't want to give too much away. But they won't see it coming.

What's the grownup appeal?

Beyond the gorgeous visual poetry, Line is a story about picking yourself up when you fall, trying again, and helping others out when they need a hand. This book might also inspire a drawing lesson --- start with a line.

Where to find/buy LINES

Indie Booksellers
Barnes & Noble

Or at a school or library near you!

Suzy Lee is the author-illustrator of Wave, Shadow, and Open This Little Book. Her books have been published and lauded around the world. She was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen medal, and Wave and Shadow were selected as New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books of the year. Suzy lives in Seoul, Korea. Learn more about her at www.suzylee.com.

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  1. On the library request list :). Thanks, Jamie! Such a great cover!