Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mr. Pig Visits Marsha Riti -- WIN A SIGNED BOOK!*

Oh, howdy! You found me. I ditched the snow of the Enchanted Woods for the warmer air of Austin, Texas. That's because I'm on my way to visit the talented Marsha Riti, illustrator of The Critter Club.

Marsha is going to give me a tour of her studio and introduce me to her newest addition -- a baby!

I'm a little nervous. How do I look?

<<knock, knock>>

Oh hi, Mr Pig! Welcome! You're early. 

Um, is that your baby?

NO! This is my friend, Duck, who poured you a bowl of cereal. He was just leaving. Bye, Duck!

Thanks, Duck -- and thanks for having me, Marsha! I know you're a busy lady with lots of The Critter Club books to illustrate. Liz and the Sand-Castle Contest is my favorite.

Thanks! Why don't you finish your Flap Cereal
and I'll give you the tour? I have lots to show you!

[top] Marsha working at her kitchen table; [bottom l to r] Marsha's desk and sketches for a new story.

OK, Mr. Pig, welcome to where I like to work. Sometimes a friend and I co-work at my dinner table. I’m enjoying “co-working” with my little baby Maple too.

Maple looks like she's a good helper. Hi, baby! 

And this is my actual desk and a few sketches for a story about babies I’m working on. I love that my desk has a north facing window: best light ever.

What's behind this door?

This is my Art Closet! Yay! Let's take a peek. . . .

Marsha's art closet.

Since my desk is in the living room I like having all my art stuff stowed away in its own space so it’s not visual clutter, and hopefully little hands will not get into it. 

See all of my cute art pencils, crayons, and fun kid’s books?

Pretty! They make me want to draw like you. Well, you and your co-worker have lots to do, so I'll be on my way. Thank you for the cereal and the tour, Marsha! Nice meeting you, Maple! 

My pleasure, Mr. Pig! 

*GIVEAWAY! Speaking of fun books for kids, Marsha is kindly sending one of our readers an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of her newest book, ELLIE AND THE GOOD-LUCK PIG! Leave a comment to enter to win. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 18th.

Marsha Riti previously illustrated a picture book, The Picky Little Witch, for Pelican Publishing, and is currently illustrating a chapter book series for Simon & Schuster, The Critter Club. 

Marsha enjoys creating and experimenting with new ways of expressing herself visually. She also loves exploring and educating herself about the craft of writing, and is currently working on a couple of different book ideas, ranging from stories about a silly duck to a dreamy book about the moon.

Marsha graduated from the University of Texas with a BFA in studio art. She has been a member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators for a number of years, and is also a co-founder and member of a female illustrator collective called the Girllustrators.

She is represented by Teresa Kietlinksi of Prospect Agency. Visit Marsha at


  1. I would love to win! Love the art closet and the tour of the studio! So neat!

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby!! As the mom of a two-year old, I totally get the art supplies in the closet. Good thinking!