Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Little Crooked Bookshelf

Edgar's Second Word
by Audrey Vernick
illustrated by Pricilla Burris

What it's all about. . .
Hazel can’t wait for her baby brother to be born so she can talk and read with him! But when he arrives, he just sits there. More disappointing yet, when he finally speaks, his first word is a resounding NO! Frustrated by his oft-repeated syllable, Hazel begins to wonder if Edgar is doomed to a life of grouchy naysaying—but her persistence eventually pays off when Edgar utters his second word, "again," after Hazel reads him a bedtime story.

Why it's on The Little Crooked Bookshelf . . .
First off, it's funny. Vernick's comedic timing is spot on, as always. But it's also tender and sweet. We love the enthusiasm Hazel expresses, even though the whole baby brother thing isn't always a walk in the park. And Pricilla Burris's illustrations are quite simply. . . adorbs. Perfect for Vernick's breezy, witty text.

Our favorite line(s) . . . 
Hazel read Edgar stories, but she didn't know if he understood.
She wished he would whisper questions.
But Edgar didn't speak.
Mostly, he pointed.
And grunted
Like a pointing, grunting watermelon.

Our favorite illustration. . . 
From EDGAR'S SECOND WORD by Audrey Vernick. Illustration copyright 2014 by Priscilla Burris.
Why kids will love it . . .
Kids will recognize the excitement and sometimes disenchantment that accompanies the arrival of a new sibling. And for any kids awaiting the big event. . . hand them this book!

Why grown-ups will love it . . . 
For all the reasons above. Because it's sweet but not sappy. Because Hazel is so earnest and she has the best springy, curly hair. Because it contains phrases like "love-weight" and "tired-baby gravity."

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