Monday, March 31, 2014

Literary Lunch

Hi! So glad you could stick around for lunch! 

Nina from Mamabelly Lunches With Love has made Warren a delicious Literary Lunch this morning in honor of his new book!

EXTRAORDINARY WARREN: A SUPER CHICKEN written by Sarah Dillard is the extraordinary story of the ordinary chicken, Warren, the run-of-the-mill rat, Millard, and Egg, an everyday egg waiting to hatch. When Warren, Millard, and Egg meet, their ordinary, run-of-the-mill, everyday lives become EXTRAORDINARY!

Nina's extraordinary Literary Lunch includes:

--A Millard the Rat chocolate spread sandwich with melted chocolate details
--Fresh strawberries wrapped in newspaper for Millard to find in the trash
--Extraordinary Warren Mac 'n' Cheese with carrot and apple details
--Egg (his friend) filled with a little treat
--An apple and carrot salad with the hatched Egg - his new sidekick

See the full instructions for making this lunch and view MORE of Nina's creative, healthy and delicious lunches on her website: Mamabelly Lunches With Love!

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