Thursday, April 2, 2015

Literary Lunch . . . with Early Bird and Night Owl!

Meet Early Bird and Night Owl, the charming stars of Toni Yuly's new picture books. Early Bird likes to get up early and Night Owl loves to stay up late. Since they're both in the Cottage today, Nina from Mamabelly made lunch for two:

Both books are beautifully illustrated with bright colors and clean shapes. While Early Bird emphasizes action words, Night Owl highlights sound words.

To find out if Early Bird really catches the early worm and . . .

if Night Owl really stays up all night, share these adorable books with your little early birds or night owls!

Nina from Mamabelly has prepared a lunch for both early birds and night owls everywhere:
  • Early Bird's lunch includes blueberries, a raspberry Early Bird sandwich, and of course an Early (gummy) Worm
  • Night Owl's lunch includes blueberries as well (it has to be fair), and a peanut butter and almond Night Owl sandwich
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