Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Little Crooked Bookshelf

Sophie's Squash
by Pat Zietlow Miller 
Illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf

What it's all about...
When Sophie chooses a squash at the farmer's market, she brings it home, draws a face on it, and names it Bernice. Sophie and Bernice go everywhere together, despite her parents' warnings that Bernice won't last forever. As winter nears, Sophie's beloved squash begins to change and Sophie must make a difficult decision.

Why it's on the Little Crooked Bookshelf...
Sophie's Squash is picture book perfection. Yes, it's a laugh-out-loud funny story about a girl who loves a gourd with all her heart. But it's also a touching tale of the power of friendship.

Our favorite line ...
"Well, we did hope she'd love vegetables," her mother told her father.

Our favorite illustration...
Illustration copyright 2013 by Anne Wilsdorf

Why kids will love it...
Sophie's Squash strikes a just-right balance between funny and sensitive. While laughing at the many humorous interactions between Sophie and Bernice, kids might also relate to having a fierce attachment to something their parents have gently advised them to part ways with.

Why grown-ups will love it... 
Share this entertaining and comforting story with children at any time of year, but most especially the fall and winter. Follow it up with a discussion about what makes a good friend, or a little lesson about vegetables and gardening. 

Your child might be interested to know that Sophie's Squash is based on a true story--the author's daughter, Sonia, really did love a squash once!
Sonia and Bernice


  1. I loved Sophie's Squash. It is an adorable story. I didn't realize it was based off of a true story. Now I love it even more.

    I really liked the format of your book review too!

    On a related subject, this post is a good reminder (to me) to throw away my pumpkins that are still on my porch from before Halloween. One of them is very shriveled. (It's not painted so I don't feel that attached to it.)

  2. I absolutely love this book. I am so glad you featured it!