Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mr. Pig Visits. . .The Amazing Patty Bowman!

I'm a riding a train! I love trains, don't you? And I love New York! Really, it's one of the few places where a pig in an ascot hardly gets a second look. 

Today, I'm headed to Brooklynto the studio of the amazing Patty Bowmanauthor-illustrator of the 2012 debut picture book: THE AMAZING HAMWEENIE.

(Oh, my. I always get nervous when the subway doors open.) Phew, made it! 

Now, just up the stairs... two more blocks... cross the street... Hey, I'm walkin' here!!!  Sheesh, that was a close one.

Aha, here we are!

Ms. Bowman!  So lovely to see you again.

Hi, Mr. Pig. How was your trip?

Perfect. I love autumn in New York.

Shall we start the tour?

I'd love to!

Ok. This is where the magic happens. And that's my dog, Pancakes! She helps a lot. Sometimes I let her do all the work. 

Don't let us interrupt your work session, Pancakes. . . carry on. Ooo! That's a fine Edward Gorey collection you have there... any favorites you'd like to share?

The Pious Infant is just one of many wonderfully macabre stories in Edward Gorey's Amphigorey Too. He was a huge influence on me when I was much younger and to this day. I've been lugging this book around since I was a teenager, but my collection has grown extensively since then. 

Indeed it has! She's interesting. . . who's this?

This is a puppet I acquired many years ago in a flea market in Paris. She's a bit creepy, but always makes me feel at home. We've moved many, many times together. 

She looks like someone you'd want on your side. Tell me about these little treasures?

These are some artifacts from my grandparents' house from when I was young. They remind me of all the epic summers I had as a child. It is also where I keep my tiny genie. He can be very useful. 

I'll bet! I used to have one myself, but he accidentally stumbled into a lava lamp and well, let's just say it was an unpleasant business.

And lastly... a sneak peak at my next book: The Amazing Hamweenie Escapes! Here are two finished pieces and one in progress.

Exquisite work! Hamweenie looks fetching, as always. I can't wait to see what adventure he'll have next. Thank you, Patty, for showing us around.

Anytime, my porcine friend.


Patty Bowman is an illustrator and author based in Brooklyn New York. She originally grew up near Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. She likes drawing, coffee, winter, and riding her bike. She resides with her fat lazy tabby cat Bandini, and tiny terrier Pancakes. The Amazing Hamweenie is her first picture book. 

You can read about her books and see more of her fabulous artwork at

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