Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Little Crooked Bookshelf

by Carter Higgins
Illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins

(This week's pick is from cottager Jamie Michalak.)

What it's all about...
A little boy gives his friend a series of small gifts--a lucky rock, a ring from the gumball machine, and more. But make no mistake: these are NOT Valentines. Or are they?

Why I love it...
This ode to a best friend is full of love, but in the most un-cornball of ways. The specific details the boy shares about his friend, from the color of her best shoelaces to her favorite hiding place, shows how much he's smitten.

Favorite lines...
This is not a valentine,
since those things have
fancy cursive and swoopy spins
on words that sounds like mush.

This one is scraps and rips
and drippy glue that dried funny
and the green marker that was the
only one that worked.

the teacher
made us
make these.

Sample illustration...

From This is Not a Valentine by Carter Higgins. Illustration copyright 2017 by  Lucy Ruth Cummins. Published by Chronicle Books. 

What's the kid-appeal?
Most kids are not huge fans of "words that sound like mush," so this clever and sweet twist on Valentine's Day hits just the right note.

What's the grownup appeal?
This Is Not a Valentine is actually the perfect Valentine's gift for friends and crushes of any age.

Where to find/buy This is Not a Valentine:

Or at a school or library near you!

Carter Higgins is an elementary school librarian, book blogger, and graphic designer. She is the creator of the Design of the Picture Book blog. This is her first picture book. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Lucy Ruth Cummins is an author and illustrator, and also and art director of children's books. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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  1. Will look for this one, Jamie! I especially LOVE Lucy's illustrations. Her Hungry Lion book is so much fun! :)