Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Literary Lunch . . . with The Infamous Ratsos!

Today's Literary Lunch Menu is brought to you by our wonderful caterer, Nina, from Mamabelly!
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Louie and Ralphie Ratso want to be TOUGH just like their dad, Big Lou. But every time they try to show the world how tough they are, they end up proving how kind and generous and helpful they are instead. What will Big Lou think when he hears just how bad the Ratso Brothers are at being bad?

Nina from Mamabelly packed an infamously tough lunch to accompany the book:
  • Tiny Crawley's hat on cheese crackers
  • Mrs. Porcupini's cereal bar soap 
  • Mr. O'Hare's hot chocolate pudding
  • and the Infamous Ratso Sandwich for Florinda Rabbitski : grilled cheddar with beets and pickled mushrooms! Yum-O!

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