Friday, September 30, 2016

COVER REVEAL . . . Joe and Sparky, Party Animals!!!

It's Friday . . . who's ready to party? We're doing the conga here in the Cottage because we just received the cover of JOE AND SPARKY, PARTY ANIMALS! by Jamie Michalak and Frank Remkiewicz. YOU, dear readers, are the first to get a sneak peek!

When Joe and Sparky happen across a surprise party, they have a fabulous time. It's so fun that Joe decides to throw a surprise party in honor of his pet worm, Wiggy -- except that nobody has ever seen Wiggy. According to Joe, Wiggy leads a busy life. Sometimes he is sailing his ship. Sometimes he is climbing mountains. Sometimes he is playing with his band, the Worms. (They are even bigger than the Beetles!)

Soon it's party time. All the animals in the cageless zoo arrive with cake, presents, and even a band. But there's still no guest of honor. Where is Wiggy?

Young readers will revel alongside the hilarious duo in this story about being willing to take a leap of faith for a friend -- especially if there's a party involved.

Ooh, this sounds funny! I hope we'll finally get to see Wiggy.

Here's what Jamie said about creating this book, the fourth Joe and Sparky early reader:

"Kids have asked me if Joe's pet worm, Wiggy, is real or imaginary. I wasn't entirely sure myself, so I wrote this book to find out."

JOE AND SPARKY, PARTY ANIMALS! will be congaing into bookstores and libraries in summer 2017!