Monday, November 23, 2015

The Little Crooked Bookshelf

little tree by Loren Long

This week's pick is from cottager Kara LaReau.

What it's all about
A little tree is surrounded by other little trees in the forest. In the winter, the others drop their leaves…but not Little Tree. Will he ever find the courage to let go?

Why it's on The Little Crooked Bookshelf…
A sweet, simple tale, perfect for the season, by renowned author-illustrator Loren Long.

Our favorite lines…
“Hello, Little Tree,” said a squirrel. “You’re supposed to drop your leaves now.”
But Little Tree was unsure. What would he do without his leaves?

Our favorite illustration…

Why kids will love it…
A great read-aloud, with a comforting treatment of a familiar topic: a little one learning to be brave.

Why grown-ups will love it…
A poignant story with a lesson that resonates at any age: it’s only when we find the courage to let go that we can truly flourish.

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