Monday, October 12, 2015

The Little Crooked Bookshelf

Max The Brave 
by Ed Vere

This week's pick is from cottager Kara LaReau.

What it's all about
Max is a brave, fearless kitten who chases mice… if only he knew what a mouse looks like. When he finally (think he) finds a mouse, it looks an awful lot like a monster.

Why it's on The Little Crooked Bookshelf…
A funny story of misunderstanding (or would that be mice-understanding?) with smudgy-sweet illustrations by award-winning storyteller Ed Vere.

Our favorite line(s)…
"Wakey, wakey, Mouse!"
yells Max as he bounces up and down
on Monster's head.
"I am Max the Brave, and I chase mice!
And I might just eat you up too!"

Our favorite illustration…

Why kids will love it…
It's an irresistible comedy of errors, featuring a main character who ends up (however temporarily) in a monster's tummy!

Why grown-ups will love it…
Max comes to realize he doesn't need to be brave all the time—a lesson sure to resonate with children of all ages. 

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