Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Literary Lunch . . . with Bacon!

Do you love bacon? (What a silly question, we know!) Well, then you'll eat up the book EVERYONE LOVES BACON by Kelly Dipucchio and illustrated by Eric Wight

Bacon is very loved. So loved he begins to think quite highly of himself. Once Bacon gains fans, he changes. He grows a mustache. He forgets about his old friends. And he enjoys stardom a little too much. Will this book have a Hollywood Ending? Will it end well for Bacon?

To keep you from missing Bacon while you're out buying his book, Nina from Mamabelly.com has made a lunch-on-the-run to help you remember everything about . . . Bacon. She's packed:
  • sweet apples wrapped in Bacon
  • Bacon butter popcorn
  • and a Waffle-Egg-and-Bacon sandwich (with sweet apple decorations)

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