Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Literary Lunch . . . The Templeton Twins

Nina from Mamabelly's Lunches with Love packed a puzzle lunch for brilliant kids:
  • The Narrator's Guacamole which is mostly coleslaw (recipe in the book) decorated with a few tools one needs to build clever inventions.
  • An apple to stay healthy and smart with a Cryptic Crossword* and Cassie, the Ridiculous Dog.
  • A very filling ham-and-salad sandwich topped with the Templeton Twins made from bread, cheese, and German edible paper -- I know, I know, you expected beef tacos.** But ham sandwiches are much easier to eat on the go!


* Abigail loves solving Cryptic Crossword puzzles and this clearly stands for The Templeton Twins!
** If you read the book, you would know why. Go read the book!

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