Monday, March 10, 2014

A Very Civilized Celebration — and a gift for your table!

Yesterday the Cottagers gathered at Barrington Books in Barrington, Rhode Island for a most delicious occasiona book party to celebrate Cottager Kara LaReau's brand-new picture book, NO SLURPING, NO BURPING!: A TALE OF TABLE MANNERS.  

Mr. Pig (when not lurking by the refreshments) snapped some photos of the big day. Take a peek! Then scroll down to the bottom to find a gift for YOU from Kara.

Kara next to the snazzy signing: "Join us for a VERY civilized celebration!"

The author, ready to greet her fans. Congratulations, Kara!
Kara's biggest fan is first in line.
He's first in line for Kara's homemade chocolate-raspberry cupcakes, too. Yum!

Er, Mr. Pig took a LOT of photos of the cupcakes.
The Cottagers on our best behavior: Kristen Tracy, Kara, Anika Denise, and Jamie Michalak. (Mr. Pig was suspiciously missing. As were all of the cupcakes.)
If you weren't able to make the party, don't fret. You can still order the book, get a free signed bookplate, and download Kara's gift for your table a handy place-setting diagram. Print it out, color it in, and stick it on your fridge — you’ll always have a guide handy at dinnertime! 

A Tale of Table Manners
by Kara LaReau
Illustrated by Lorelay Bové
Walt Disney Animated Studios (March 2014) 
ISBN 978-1-4231-5733-5
"In a twist on common expectations, two kids must teach their parent how to adopt an appropriate tableside manner. Their father’s a sweet fellow, but each day at dinner, Evie and Simon must work to correct his less-than-sterling conduct. . . . A list of suggested table manners graces the end of the book. Parents hoping to instill good behavior in their own offspring will clamor for this title." Kirkus Reviews

For more etiquette advice, visit Kara's new tumblr account called Ms. Civilized, where she shares her thoughts about manners and courtesy, along with some of her favorite images, quotes, and helpful hints on how to move through life with grace. 

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