Thursday, January 9, 2014

Literary Lunch: BABY PENGUINS LOVE THEIR MAMA! by Melissa Guion

Our fabulous caterer Nina from Mamabelly Lunches with Love has prepared this adorable penguin-themed literary lunch for our guests, the stars of the brand-new picture book: BABY PENGUINS LOVE THEIR MAMA! by Melissa Guion. (Philomel).

It's a lot of work making baby olive penguins for twenty-one baby penguins . . . but Nina, as always, was up to the task!

Nina's cute and delicious Baby Penguins Love Their Mama! bento lunch includes:

-- Strawberries with a little penguin hiding in the leaves
-- Popcorn with a sneaky penguin hiding Mama's surprise
-- And of course, a Mama Penguin nut butter sandwich and some of her o-lovely penguin babies (made with olives and cream cheese)!

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